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TEDxCMU Design


Developing and standardizing the visual identity of the organization and annual conference themes.

TEDxCMU is an independently organized TED event and a conference at Carnegie Mellon University that brings together some of the world’s most bold and innovative thinkers to give the talk of their lives.

With its growing size and presence, TEDxCMU needed an identity that represented its bold and innovative thinkers while staying true to its origins as a TEDx conference. Using vivid colors and strong but consistently minimalistic imagery, I aimed to give TEDxCMU a new identity.

TEDxCMU has grown in a year from an audience of one hundred to five hundred. Yet even with its growing size, it lacked the visual style and consistency of other conferences of this scale. I aimed to devise a strong visual system that could unify and project the image of TEDxCMU and its ideas across campus, and beyond.

TEDxCMU 2018: Find Y

The theme of the 2018 TEDxCMU conference was "Find Y" and explored the unconventional ways to solve, challenge, and rethink problems, no matter the scale.

The following (for TEDxCMU 2018: Find Y) makes strong use of colors and borrows heavily from mathematical functions and imagery to represent the theme, "Find Y"—from 3-dimensional shapes to sine functions. The use of explosively colorful primary colors presents the organization as one as bold and lively as the ideas and talks TED as a whole fronts.

Identity for Find Y

Ticket designs

Apparel design

Motion design

TEDxCMU 2019

A new year brings a new theme, a fresh (but recognizably TEDxCMU) visual identity, bold ideas worth spreading, and with it, bolder designs.